valley groomers
Chingford-based Grooming Salon & Training Academy. Telephone: 0208 529 9311

Who we are

What we offer

We can trim all breeds in all styles, including hand stripping, and teach our staff these skills. We are a specialist in grooming cats, and of course because we understand that customer services are very important this is instilled into all our staff.

We all love to chat to our clients and one of our main priorities is to find out how to get the achievable results they are looking for. With Valley Groomers you get a friendly and professional service at an unbeatable price.


Please feel free to request something different to suit yours and your pet's personality, and let us show you what Valley Groomers can do for you!

Please feel free to contact me on 0208 529 9311or email with any enquiry you may have.