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5 * Dog Grooming

Puppy Madness - £25

dog groomingWe believe in introducing pups at an early impressionable age. They will become familiar to the sounds, smells and the equipment of a grooming salon. However, this is not just a learning experience, we will also provide the following services: brush, bath, drying and nail clipping. If you would like your puppy to have a little haircut or tidy up, please let us know. There may be an extra charge for this service.

The main benefit is that as the puppy grows older and visits a groomer they will be more relaxed and enjoy the experience.

This service is available any week day. Puppies are defined as from vaccinations to 5 months - please bring vaccination certificate.

Other Services Offered

We're not just dedicated to getting your dog looking wonderful; we also offer services to help make your life much easier.

Collection & Delivery

We can offer a collection and delivery service for all pets that require our services. Please phone for a price based on your location.

Shampoo/Tidy Service

It is not always necessary to give a complete hair cut at every visit. A great way to have your dog’s coat maintained between full grooms is a top and tail or bath and tidy (we see some of our special clients every week!) This keeps your pet in tip-top condition, smelling grout, no moulting on the carpet and tangle free. Using this service every 1-4 weeks and all your visits to Valley Groomers will be discounted.


Please note that the prices below are guide prices. All the prices are for animals that are trimmed on a 6/8 week basis. If your pet has not been trimmed professionally for many weeks/months there will be an additional charge.

When you arrive we shall give you a free consultation and a final price before you leave your pet with us. We will also discuss how your pet will look once you arrive to collect them.

To view our competitive prices, check out our price page.